New Industrial Order (N.I.O.)

Join the next generation: stop the waste but keep the fashion

The current fashion system is built on pushing more clothes into the market than we can ever wear. Our planet cannot carry this anymore. This must change. But how?

New Industrial Order (N.I.O.) is a collective of artists, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs working together to support a new fashion system that is built around what people really need. Not what big enterprises and stockholders want us to think we need.

N.I.O. focuses on what humans need to survive, to feel comfortable and happy.

With today’s technologies we can elevate fashion to a whole new and sustainable level. A fashion world that is centered around real people that are all unique.

With the help of 3D knitting robots N.I.O. designs an independent business system where clothes will become ultra-personalised and are only produced on demand of unique customers. Better clothes, less waste, more happiness!



Seven reasons why knitwear is the future of sustainable fashion:

According to LCA research* 1 kg of knitted clothes uses 20 times less energy than 1 kg of woven clothes.

3D knitting machines produce clothes in one piece without cutting and sewing. These machines can be used as 3D printers to make personalised garments.

3D knitted garments are made of uncut yarns. Garments can be unraveled after use and knit again.

Innovation in knitting technology is transforming the way knitwear looks and feels. Any kind of yarn can be knitted, from metal wire to the finest silk, in any structure from soft and stretchy to floating or sturdy.

The 3D knitwear supply chain can be fully automated. This means local production is possible, all over the world.

A growing group of people is willing to invest in better clothes and a better future. 3D knitting on demand gives these consumers the power to decide what is made.

Personalisation contributes to a more conscious shopping experience and increases the perceived value of clothes.