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We operate a research and development lab to grow the Knitcloud® intelligence. We’re developing processes for design, manufacturing, delivery, re-use and recycling. We are innovating the way we use materials and inventing entirely new ones. N.I.O. collaborates with design and research institutions to build bridges between education and industry. Our aim is to make locally produced, sustainable, tailor-made clothing available to everybody.

Design for personalisation

What is the role of designers when the consumer influences the production process? We try out interaction, play with curated design options, … As soon as the first product works, completely, from design to machine to a consumer’s doorstep, the door is opened for creative and commercial design collaborations.

Digital knitwear design & virtual sampling

Digital design saves energy and materials. We are trying out different digital design solutions in 2D and 3D that already exist in the market. What works best for knitwear when it comes to product development? How do we achieve high quality visualizations to communicate knitted garments to consumers? Which digital design software combines the specifics of knitwear best with personalization?

Configurating clothes online

Online clothing configurators exist for many products nowadays but for knitwear there aren’t many options yet. For Knitcloud we investigate and compare existing systems and compare them with our own minimum viable configurator. What will be the best way forward? What will it take to build a 3D configurator?

Body measurement extraction technology

Apart from the good old measuring tape, the new era asks for more ways to extract body measurements from a person. There are many ways: from 3D scanning in a scan booth to taking a picture with your smartphone and have an algorithm calculate your body dimensions from that picture. New Industrial Order is currently exploring a collaboration with 3 innovative companies that provide body measurements. Pilots be will launched this fall.

Digital tailoring

How to produce the right garment for a unique individual, in terms of fit and look? The Digital Tailoring System that is being developed to function in the Knitcloud combines body measurement extraction and pattern making with Knitcode programming.

Virtual fitting

From identifying the right size for a customer to actual virtual fitting on an avatar. Smart people and innovative companies around the world are working on this topic. We expect things to speed up significantly with the launch of 5G. In the meantime, New Industrial Order reaches out to researchers and startups everywhere to find the best solution for knitwear on demand.

On Demand order System

How to produce knitwear from 1 piece quantity on a large scale? The On Demand Order System (ODOS®) combines sizing, knit programming and production in the Knitcloud. Not only to make it possible to supply knitwear on demand for all companies involved in the supply chain, but also to make it commercially viable.

Knitting providers

Knitting is the future and this is no secret to the knitting industry itself. A number of large innovative companies already provide knitting machines that can truly function as ‘knit robots’ in an on-demand supply chain. Knitwear manufacturers around the world are investing in these new machines. The only thing stopping them from providing knitwear on demand, locally, anywhere in the world is the lack of cloud production platform.

For Knit 1, New Industrial Order works closely with Shima Seiki, inventors of Wholegarment technology and with two of the best manufacturers of luxury knitwear in Europe. A pilot with Stoll’s Knit&Wear is in the early stages of development.

Knitcloud’s Open Source Knitcode Lab

Connecting design ideas to 3D knitting machines around the globe, that’s the idea. But it’s a challenge due to the fact that there are many types of knitting machines that all require their own Knitcode. The Knitcloud will have to output Knitcode that machines can read. In the beginning this will be code for one specific range of machines: Shima Seiki Wholegarment. But if it works, Knitcode for other types of machines can be added quickly. Not only Shima Seiki, but also Stoll, Santoni, Kniterade… There’s no way New Industrial Order can do this alone. This is why we call on knit programmers around the world to join forces in concepting and building the Knitcloud Open Source Knitcode Lab.