N.I.O. Knitcloud ™

To make 3D knitwear on demand possible we need a production platform that connects brands, consumers and 3D knitting machines worldwide. N.I.O. has taken up the challenge to build an independent platform that enables one-off tailored knitwear production for the high-end fashion industry.


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What can Knitcloud do for your business?

Knitcloud connects existing fashion technologies and develops the bits that are missing. You can tap into the system where it suits you:

  • Virtual fashion design, 3D Knitcode (registered trademark teken) programming

  • Body measurement extraction, digital tailoring

  • Knitwear configuration, virtual fitting

  • On demand ordering, fulfillment

Join our efforts to make the best possible clothing for mankind

To test and support our system you can order a limited edition personalised N.I.O. jumper on demand. 3D knitted especially for you in the highest quality Merino wool.

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